Cristiano Messi challenge

We have talked already about Cristiano Messi challenge when we made a quick compare between the two players in order to get the best of each one of them for Lionel Ronaldo! The result was in our complete side! Since Ronaldo has the whole good skills we need to be in the player of our dreams.

Cristiano Messi

Yet, comparing the two players still meaningful since the two of them is living his best seasons. Wait a minute! It is not really the best season to compare Cristiano Messi skills! The question is: why the best season for Cristiano, Messi cannot take it as the best for him?

Lionel Ronaldo!

Take a moment to think, what if there was a player named Lionel Ronaldo? How is he going to look like? Would he be tall or short? Shy or cocky? Team player or selfish? Talented or hard worker? And the most important question, where is he going to be? Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Lionel Ronaldo

What do we like in Lionel Ronaldo?

We all share the same opinion that both of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have extra ordinary skills for Lionel Ronaldo that we all admire. But still, there are some things we prefer rather than others! If there was a Lionel Ronaldo, what are you going to choose of these two players' properties to be in Lionel Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo on Messi in football level

A lot would ask us, why do we think being Cristiano Ronaldo on Messi in football level? This is not only a result of the huge numbers Ronaldo is achieving, or the going down in level for Messi, it is also because of the direct comparing between the two players, which show us so clearly that Cristiano Ronaldo on Messi in football level.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrations

 Watching Cristiano Ronaldo celebrations is always available when you play football games on PC! They try to follow his latest movements and methods to imitate and copy them in their characters of Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrations

In this case, not only fans of Ronaldo who are following Cristiano Ronaldo celebrations! There are also games producing companies! Because Ronaldo is the most chosen character in their games! So, they have to copy him exactly the same, in order to get more buyers for their games.

C Ronaldo transfer news

The latest C Ronaldo transfer news is saying that the great Portuguese superstar may go back to Manchester united; these expectations are the certain result after the booing from the Bernabeu stages!

C Ronaldo transfer news

These booing were not toward the big superstar Cristiano Ronaldo! Yet, they affected C Ronaldo transfer news.

Top scorer La Liga 2014 Cristiano Ronaldo!!

As he was the top scorer La Liga 2014, he has a very big chance to be also top scorer La Liga 2015 either! With his 31 goals he was in front of Barcelona's star Lionel Messi.

top scorer La Liga 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo was not only top scorer La Liga 2014, it was also his very special year in winning the champions league with his team Real Madrid, with being the top scorer of this contest as well.